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International Biennial Awards

Third prize
American Museum, Florida, USA
Artwork, “Memories From Ostende”


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Art Award 2008

Honour Mention

Vienna-Austria, ACT Center Of Contemporary Art

Artwork: "Don't Forget Me"


abstract landscapes Argentinean Northwest Freedom Art 2007.

Winner of the contest for the seven months itinerant exhibition around the World.

Artwork: “Argentinean Northwest”

Exhibitions in 23 cities, South America, North America, Europe.



La Mision-Gallery, First Art Biennial “Shape and Color”

First prize in painting category

Artwork: "Follow your Dreams".



“Spring Contest” First Prize for Human Figure.

Artwork: “Pleased”

Gran Boulevard Hotel


Contest 38. 3rd prize (Abstract)

Artwork: “Changes”

Gran Boulevard Hotel



Designs and Selected Artworks:



Book cover design, Cartographies of Knowledge
The artwork “Flowing II” was used in the book cover of the book Cartographies of Knowledge, written by Celine Marie Pascal, Sociology Associate Professor at the American University in Washington, DC.
This book was published by Sage Publications Inc, California, USA.
Cover Design: Glenn Vogel
Art: Ana Cabrera Grohs





Colleccion Ana cabrera Castillo d’Oro Wine label design
(Joint proyect by Ana Cabrera Grohs (art) & Norbert Lambriex (design) for Voss & Partner Wijnkopers)

The artworks "Cave" and "Imagination" have been chosen by Lila Design Associates B.V. Branding & Designing Aviation for the design of the "Colleccion Ana Cabrera", "Castillo d'Oro" wine labels carried out by the winery Vos & Partners  Wijnkopers B.V from The Netherlands.

Copyright 1995-2008 © Lila Design Associates B. V. – Tilburg (EU)



Cover design for the book “Handbook of Feminist Family Studies”
Candice Harman (design), Ana Cabrera Grohs (art)
The international publisher Sage Publications, Inc. with offices in California-USA, London-UK, New Delhi-India and Singapore, has selected the image of the artwork "The Window" to be used as the cover for its book "Handbook of Feminist Family Studies", 7x10", Hardcover, 408 pages.

Editors: Sally A. Lloyd, Miami University, Ohio - April Few, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Katherine R. Allen, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Cover Design: Candice Harman, Senior Graphic Designer.


Believes and the Science

Within this artwork rich in colors, where characters seem to be at the bottom of a cave, light comes from above, variation of the cave’s platonic allegory that raises the access to truth question.
Jean-Marie Pruvost-Beaurian, Scientific Editor-Encyclopaedia Britannica Universalis


The Publishing Company Encyclopaedia Britannica Universalis has selected the image of the artwork called “Initiation” to be included in its scientific year book, "La Science au présent", 17x24 cm, hardcover, 320 pages.



Cover design for the book “27 poemas al Amor”


The artwork "Follow your Dreams” was selected for the cover of the book “ 27 Poemas al Amor” [27 Love Poems] by Irma Amalia Molina Bernal, poet, professor and researcher at Sergio Arboleda University. Launched at Bogotá Colombia’s Book Fair. 12 x 17 cm, hardcover, 68 pages.




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